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The Pumpkins for Halloween: How to make the pumpkins

Halloween is approaching fast and it is one of that holidays when you want the house to look special. There is no such day without having pumpkins around and making the atmosphere more interesting depends a lot on your creativity and ability to decorate the house. We have a special diy idea for you today and that is how to make decorative pumpkins carved with drill. There are so many designs you can make with the drill that you can’t even imagine and the technique it is quite easy.


What you will need for this project: pumpkins (as many as you want), glow sticks, flowers (real or fake ones depending on how much you want them to last), painters tape (to help make the patterns), votives and jars. Between the tools needed are: a drill with different drill bits, scissors, carving knife and a scooping spoon.

How to make the pumpkins: First thing you want to do is to decide the pattern you want to make on each one, there can be many and look in the pictures for the ideas. Drill the holes, cut the top of them and with the spoon clean the inside of each one. For the ones you will put flowers in, put a jar with water in it and through the holes of the top insert the flowers in the recipient. Last things you want to add are the glowing sticks, so after that your pumpkins are ready. Enjoy your holidays!







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