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Sophie Mensen: The Column Furniture

Sophie Mensen is a Dutch designer born in 1985 in Hertogenbosch. She began analyzing thoroughly the things in her surroundings essences, from the simple fascination for certain fabrics and customs. The resulted works are a proof of monumentality combined with a strong sense of purpose. Today, we wish to discuss a furniture piece that was designed by Sophie: the Column. The column or the pillar is a structural element that transmits the weight of an above structure to other structural elements below it.



In few words, the column is a compression member. Columns are often used for supporting arches or beams on which the upper parts of walls or ceilings rest. In architecture the column is a structural element that has certain proportional and decorative features, since a column might also be decorative, it not being needed for structural purposes. This seems to be the case of Sophie Mensen’s Column. In her opinion, the column is a shape that can easily get absorbed by the space while it is also an impressive monument for remembering important events in one’s life. Therefore, the equivalent of this column is column as a monument and as a constructive element, but in sizes that fit an interior. As you can see, the obvious purpose of this piece is blurring the line between architecture and furniture. What is your opinion on it?







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