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Multifunctional Arm Chair With a Bed Attached of Elena Sidorova

The present day world is all about utilization of the best resources and that is why there are many products that are designed in such as way that it gives a dual function. Elena Sidorova has been producing some of the best designs in this business and the latest one to hide the stage is this armchair that serves a dual purpose.


When Multifunctional Arm Chair  is extended it also becomes a bed and that is why this design is very much usable. The one thing that you need to make sure is to keep your floor clean. The bed has the capacity for one person. This is made of veneer and upholstery. There is 100% sheep wool that is used in the material. Due to its dual function, this is the one product that is most suitable for houses that have visitor’s frequently and more numbers. This is an amazing dual purpose product.





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