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How To Dress Up A Breakfast Nook To Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Whether you’re sipping your coffee before you go to work or you sit down and chat with your friends on week-ends, a breakfast nook or a cozy seating spot in the kitchen is the perfect way to do it. Come up with the perfect combo of style and function when designing the seating for your kitchen and make the most of the space you have available.

Tuck the nook in a corner.

Consider a corner kitchen table which you can accessorize with some chic chairs, pillows or a cozy banquette. There are lots of ways in which you can design such a nook: with a sectional, a banquette with storage underneath, a booth, a window seat or a partition wall for more privacy.

Don’t give up just because you have a small kitchen.

Unless you have a really tiny kitchen where you can only squeeze in a cooktop and a sink you shouldn’t give up the idea of having a breakfast nook or a cozy seating spot. A small pedestal table can fit just about anywhere. Complement your corner kitchen table with a couple of chairs or a small banquette.

Accessorize and personalize.

There are tons of breakfast nook ideas that can inspire but don’t just copy them. Try to make the design work for your kitchen by adjusting the details and adding your own twist to the design. Add a few colorful pillows to your banquette, pick an eye-catching pendant light or decorate the walls with artwork.

Don’t settle for just any kind of furniture.

Your breakfast nook furniture has to be chosen according to a few criteria. For example, it has to be comfortable and it needs to be made of durable materials and stain-resistant fabric. Even if you’re careful, you can’t let a coffee stain ruin your kitchen décor.

Separate the nook from the rest of the kitchen.

If you can, it would be nice to create a separate booth with a breakfast nook set that fits perfectly in there but, if the layout and the space won’t allow it, you can still visually separate this area from the rest of the room. Use a rug or a different color of paint. The right lighting fixture can also help.

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