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Deskbox: Small wall-mounted desk/cabinet

Present and future is based on computer work, which is an advantage because it saves storage space and work space. Today, all you need is a laptop and you are ready to work. But considering there are more and more offices with a lot of employees, the problem of space appears even in an office where everyone works on computers. It is quite expensive to pay and maintain a large office and sometimes you don’t even find the space in the crowded towns.

An alternative for large desks, which saves a lot of space and also gives an opened and airy look to the office, is now given by the designers from the English company Raw Edges. The designers special created this concept for the furniture enterprise Arco, but it can be successfully adapted in any office.  The piece of furniture is named the Deskbox and, as its name says, it looks like a box, which is fixed on the wall and serves as a desk. On it you can use your laptop, write, and when you don’t need it anymore you just close it in a compact small box.

The Deskbox comes in different colors so it can fit your office’s design. It is space saving because it has a retractable system which allows you to open and close it when you want to use it and when you have finished the work. The movable desk has some holes in it where you can pull the cables for a more arranged aspect.

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